Satisfaction of our Clients is the most important for us. We reach it by creating a personalized offer for Investor, maintaining top quality of service.

Turnkey solutions
Our greatest advantage is turnkey realization of projects, maintaining network reliability and security at low price.

We design

Our professional Design Team prepares:

  • Complex designs of telecommunication, optic and copper networks
  • Documentation on cable routing in technical canalization
  • Design of cable television network
  • Legal aspects of investment (including obtaining the right to land for investment, obtaining necessary permits and discussing documentation with external units).

Consultation on telecom infrastructure reconstructions

We build

We offer complex realization of:

  • Construction of telecom, optic and copper networks and ICT systems including associated infrastructure.
  • Construction of cable TV network, including piping and cabling.
  • Construction of cable canalization
  • Construction and installation of overhead lines
  • Installation and launch of teletransmission equipment and stations.
  • Measurements and supervision.

As-built documentation

We maintain

Maintenance of telecom networks is our key field. It covers:

  • Removing failures, red flags and damages of cable and radio network
  • Maintaining operability of user’s equipment
  • Creating new cable and radio installations and activation of voice, data and TV signal transmissions

Performing periodical inspections and ad-hoc maintenance of network